Popupular makes it simple for website owners to add dynamic online content to their sites without the need for developers. It allows you to easily incorporate dynamic content from hundreds of web products, such as movies, calendars, forms, and more, into a popup without requiring any scripting.

Chrome extension allows you to create, edit, and preview popups right on your website. With only one click, you can make your content available to your users. It can be easily installed on your website using a simple copy-paste or Google Tag Manager. Works with multi-tenant apps and subdomains.

Popupular Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Your popups are modern web-friendly and will operate on any device. As one might expect.
  • It (50Kb) is a little, lightweight Javascript sample. There will be no degradation in the performance of your pages.
  • Quickly call out a YouTube video player to promote a product or explain a feature with a YouTube video in a popup.
  • Calendly Calendar In A Popup – Show the Calendly calendar in a popup to quickly plan a demo.
  • Show a Google Doc in a Popup – Show a Google Doc in a Popup to quickly demonstrate a feature or collect responses.
  • Quickly display an Airtable spreadsheet with your product descriptions in a popup.
  • Mailchimp Form In A Popup – Display a Mailchimp signup form for your leads quickly.
  • Quickly call out the Soundcloud player with your latest product podcast in a popup.
  • Website Or Page In A Popup – Quickly show a FAQs page to address a common user question. Image Or GIF In A Popup – Drop in a promo image and set what occurs when users click.
  • Custom HTML In A Popup – Embed your custom HTML in a popup for more immersive user experiences and more…
  • Control When, What, and Who Triggers Your Popup – Easily control when what, and who triggers your popup.
  • When a user clicks on a specific page element, your popup will appear.
  • When the user hovers over a specific page element, your popup will appear.
  • When the user scrolls to the desired location on the page, your popup will appear.
  • On Timer – Trigger your popup when the user has been inactive for a certain amount of time or has spent a certain amount of time on the page.
  • On-Page Visit – Have your popup appear as soon as the user enters the page.
  • When the user is about to leave the page, trigger your popup.
  • On Event – Have your popup appear when a specific event occurs.
  • On-Page Rule – Only show your popup on specific pages or according to other page rules.
  • Scheduled – Set a date and/or time for your popup to appear (interval)
  • as well as other segmentation criteria and triggers
  • Create, preview, and manage popups right on your website using this Chrome plugin
  • Hundreds of web products that can be embedded
  • Triggers, page rules, occurrence, user segmentation, and scheduling are all available options.
  • User-friendliness
  • It saves both time and money.

Popupular Pitchground Price

Popupular Pitchground Price

popupular Price

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