Clientvenue lets you manage your client requests, teams, billing, and more with a secure & dedicated portal for your agency! A complete solution for businesses that want to offer their customers productized services. It helps agencies and freelancers manage their client’s projects from start to finish. Manage invoices, track monthly revenue, and more.

You can view all your projects in real-time. You can manage client requests in real-time and show your progress in a way a project manager would. Easily collaborate with all teams on projects. Make sure that you get an overall picture of the project and avoid delays.

ClientVenue Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Set up a Client Operation Portal so that clients can easily manage their workflows.
  • Manage clients & their work more collaboratively & self-serve.
  • Customer experience should be redefined from onboarding to approvals to invoicing and beyond.
  • Create customized spaces for clients.
  • Create a central location where you can put all your documents, plans, meeting agendas, deliverables, timelines, and proposals.
  • Keep all your client-related files and assets in one place. To avoid linking your shares and drives every time. Link your resources to a dedicated drive and pull them from there.
  • Manage all your invoicing and billing needs. Raising invoices from your dashboard to all clients and keeping a copy for documentation is a great idea.
  • A truly integrated experience will allow you to set up self-serve checkout, so you don’t have to bother chasing payments and clearing your invoices.
  • Whether you’re billing regularly or on a one-time basis, it will handle all payment processing via native integration with all leading payment platforms.
  • Engage all stakeholders, both from your clients and the agency’s side. You can assign permission levels to all your teammates and the agency’s employees
  • Create a portal that looks as though it is your product and on your website. Change the branding, colors, and design to reflect your brand’s style and make it seem like a native experience to your website.
  • You can package up all your services and show them up to your customers. This way, you move from chasing payments and sending them manual pricing invoices and get everything done in an automated fashion. Connect with all popular payment platforms, and automate your invoicing and bill collection.
  • From client onboarding to invoicing to day-to-day management, you can manage all the client-related activities in one place.
  • In one place, you can mention and even live chat with your clients.
  • Keep track of all your files in one place with the file management and sharing feature so that you can have peace of mind.
  • Creating a productized way of selling agency services
  • Slack Integrations
  • White Label for your agency portal
  • Easy integrations with Stripe Account
  • Easy to use
  • Onboarding of new clients is simple

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