Poppin is a tool for a website based on one video calling service that allows all your customers to communicate face to face with your business from your website. It is a video calling service that allows a seamless and incredibly simple replacement for the in-store and online experience. It is an interactive service that allows all the consumers to connect face to face with an associate by simply requesting a video call from any page of your business website. This app will ring a video call on their device and they can answer the call. Once connected, this service allows the users to connect remotely face to face with a sales associate who can answer any question, provide support, demonstrate products visually, and help facilitate a sale. It also works great for counter ordering and picks up as well.

Poppin Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • It allows you to make face to face conversations right from your website.
  • Nothing required for your customers to download and install.
  • An alternative tool for text-based chat boxes.
  • This tool allows you to boost sales, reduce returns, and increase average order value.
  • The best tool for business owners who are looking to keep their business flourishing right through the pandemic and beyond.
  • This deal is not stackable.
  • Purchase multiple times to increase the 10,000-minute limitations.
  • Add users from the dashboard with just an email address.
  • Unlimited staff can be added per Poppin account.
  • Add Unlimited admins.
  • One-click removal/disable the user from the dashboard.
  • Display Poppin button site-wide or only on specific pages — even behind logins.
  • You can install Poppin on unlimited websites.
  • Install Poppin on your website with a copy/paste of one line of code.
  • Easy WordPress Plugin for installation of Poppin.
  • Free Android & Apple apps to answer Poppin Calls.
  • Generate QR codes from the Dashboard that anyone can scan with their camera to open your website with the Poppin Pane open.
  • Peer-to-peer encryption on every Poppin call.
  • Privacy-focused, we do not collect any personally identifiable information of Poppin callers.
  • You can also collect customer call ratings.
  • Staff can report any sales through the Poppin App.
  • Interactive Dashboard where you can review Poppin call data record history.

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