Parma is a relationship-centric CRM that aims to help you accelerate growth by strengthening and nurturing your company relationships. Bring all of your contacts together in one location so you can organize business interactions and have vital details at your fingertips.

With a single click, the tool allows you to add contacts from LinkedIn, Outlook Calendar, and Google Calendar.

Parma Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • The platform will automatically detect and recommend that you add anyone who is not already on Parma.
  • Creating a profile is as simple as clicking a button! You may include a profile photo and notes to easily keep track of who’s who.
  • You can search for images online and upload them to the person’s profile without leaving the tool.
  • You can also enter contact information for each contact, such as email, messenger, and Instagram accounts, so you know how to get in touch with them.
  • It also allows you to group your contacts for easier organization.
  • You can create groups for leads, prior customers, current customers, and more.
  • Unlike sophisticated CRMs, this digital notepad allows you to effortlessly track business contacts by simply entering relevant facts from your encounters.
  • Have a quick phone call or a lunch meeting? With a single click, you can write notes to the person’s profile after each touchpoint.
  • All notes will be dated and posted to the profile, making it easy to share them with anybody on your team.
  • It allows you to view a stream of all your touchpoints added over time directly from the dashboard.
  • You may also set up automatic reminders to contact or follow up with a customer after an extended time, ensuring that no one falls between the cracks.
  • Simply add a brief remark about the reminder, select a date, and you’ll receive a notification when the time comes.
  • It allows you to easily save and organize all of your contacts and notes, as well as set simple reminders to follow up with clients and partners.
  • With a single click, bring together all of your LinkedIn contacts, as well as your Outlook and Google calendars
  • Receive reminders to stay in touch with consumers depending on your recent interaction.
parma appsumo price
parma appsumo price
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parma regular pricing

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