Alvanda is a corporate management software that facilitates team collaboration, streamlines procedures and aligns with strategic objectives.  It allows you to design flowcharts for any procedure in minutes.

Attach a procedure to each task you create to provide your assignee with a step-by-step guide that they can easily follow. If a team member gets stuck, they can chat and send clarifying messages directly from this platform.

Alvanda Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • It also provides automatic escalations to managers, allowing messages to be pushed up the chain according to customized timetables.
  • Even better, this platform allows you to develop a quarterly strategic roadmap for each aspect of your organization, which you can share with your staff
  • Quarterly targets are color-coded based on overall success, allowing your team to quickly see what is working well and what requires additional attention
  • Define action stages or milestones for each initiative, including assignees, appropriate procedures, and dates, and keep everyone informed throughout the process
  • It also allows you to create a visual organizational chart that will help your staff understand who their peers are, who they report to, and where they fit in the firm
  • Simply assigning someone to a role on this chart will automatically grant them access to appropriate procedures, documents, and information
  • You can add an accountant and provide them immediate access to invoices, contracts, and financial data
  • Whether you have a high turnover rate in certain roles or are adding new positions to specific areas, this platform can help you expedite those tedious onboarding activities
  • It automatically tracks time spent on all tasks, allowing you to spot bottlenecks and make smarter modifications
  • Simplify your hourly billing with auto-generated timesheets that detail everything an employee or contractor has completed
  • Furthermore, because managers can readily monitor project progress, team members do not have to squander valuable meeting minutes discussing updates
  • It improves productivity by combining a process builder and organizational chart with a powerful project manager.
alvanda appsumo price
alvanda appsumo price

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