Orbital is a customized online audio space with collaboration capabilities that allows you to collaborate remotely for meetings, chats, workspaces, and breakout sessions all from a single connection. This tool provides an interactive and personalized online area to help you decrease video call fatigue among employees, classmates, and members of the team.

You can also collaborate more efficiently with other users by convening meetings through a single link and giving everyone “Presenter” capabilities to show unlimited screen content. Create bespoke avatars to travel among numerous subspaces and only hear users that are close to you, much as in a real room.

Orbital Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Choose from 80+ graphics to change up seats, planets, private workstations, and more if you’re tired of the same video interface screens.
  • You can choose the ideal meeting place or private office for you, even if it means coworking in a virtual treehouse!
  • Customize every physical feature of study areas, office hours, and drop-in meetings, as well as gather your team around a bonfire or lounge poolside to warm up the weather.
  • Additionally, you may use the breakout option to allow participants to meet in smaller groups away from the main stage and the broader event, boosting engagement and participation.
  • You can utilize sticky notes to discuss with a group, or leave someone a brief message letting them know you stopped by their digital workplace
  • You can also use multimedia snippets for training or conversation starters, such as integrated YouTube videos or amusing TikToks
  • From arranging meetings and giving motivating shoutouts to saving crucial links, there are a plethora of ways to bring your team together
  •  Galaxies allow you to visually organize documents any way you choose, matching layouts to your team’s unique working styles
  • Create libraries by adding links, and then easily organize these resources
  • It also lets you manage all of your files and collaborative canvases in one location, ensuring that everyone is on the same page.
  • Hold an unlimited number of discussions and share an unlimited number of screens across bespoke online places.
  • Tandem and Cosmos Video are two alternatives.
  • Use interactive tools, file storage, bookmarking, and other features to collaborate and increase productivity.
  • Best for Remote work teams, classrooms, and communities looking for a multi-purpose audio collaboration area.
  • At the same moment, broadcast to an unlimited number of displays.
  • Meeting rooms and breakout places are unlimited
  • There is one administrator user.
  • Invite guests without requiring them to register.
  • Audio that is spatial
  • Add or update the vanity URL for your galaxy.
  • Personalize your avatar.
  • Create your own unique area.
  • Uploading and storing files
  • GIF reactions, text chat, and emojis
  • Graphics collection
  • Add your own graphics.
  • All of the integrations

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