Everest Backup allows customers to easily back up their WordPress websites to the cloud, guaranteeing that their valuable data is preserved and easily recoverable in the event of an unanticipated occurrence. This tool assures that your data is always safe, recoverable, and easily transferable, no matter what happens.

It integrates smoothly with common cloud backup storage alternatives, allowing customers to easily move their websites to new servers or domains with a single click.

Everest Backup Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • This streamlined migration procedure is enhanced by a robust cloning capability that allows for precise clones for testing and development.
  • The tool claims a 100% restore rate thanks to secure cloud backups and connectivity with Google Drive.
  • Backup and recovery solutions that are powerful, user-friendly, and cost-effective.
  • The WordPress Plugin provides simplicity by allowing for simple configuration with only a few clicks, reducing the need for coding experience.
  • Experience a wide range of backup options, such as manual, scheduled, and automated backups. Restore your data from local or integrated cloud servers, and move from localhost to server from old hosting to new hosting with ease.
  • Backups can be easily scheduled on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis, assuring automation prior to key updates or WooCommerce orders. Everest Backup eliminates backup complications.
  • Pro add-ons enable enhanced reporting features. Receive notifications for successful and unsuccessful backups via email addresses that you specify.
  • Enjoy flexible automatic scheduling choices that allow you to adjust your backup frequency, even down to hourly combinations.
  • Ensure flawless backups before WordPress core, plugin, or theme changes with our powerful auto-trigger backup tool.
  • Cloud Integration will improve your backup strategy by enabling remote storage and catastrophe recovery. To protect your data, you can use cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, pCloud, Backblaze, and Amazon S3.
  • Improved notifications keep you informed by providing timely updates on your scheduled tasks straight into your WordPress Dashboard.
  • Automatic database backups triggered on successful WooCommerce orders assure the security of your orders for WooCommerce stores.
  • Unused Images Cleaner removes unneeded clutter from your backups by removing unused media files and thumbnails.
  • Enhance the maintenance of your WordPress website with comprehensive and user-friendly solutions.
  • You can secure your data, simplify backups, and take advantage of advanced tools to protect your online presence.
  • Get started today and enjoy seamless backup and recovery.
everest backup regular pricing
everest backup regular pricing
Everest Backup appsumo price
Everest Backup appsumo price

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