can improve the culture of your business and provide incentives to inspire workers. You can always promote a supportive workplace culture by using this tool direct Slack integration for sharing compliments with team members. Based on group objectives or corporate ideals, employees may receive specific recognition. Using the integrated value system, you can choose your business values as well.

Sharing this encouragement can have a significant impact on staff retention and performance, ultimately making everyone happier. You can start a monthly leaderboard that monitors employee points. Each member of your squad may award 20 points to one another each month. Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Your teams may recognize the efforts of other workers at your business, making everyone feel valued.
  • The best thing about positive workplace culture is that it will keep your employees around for longer, saving you from having to cope with excessive turnover.
  • The team member with the most points at the end of each month is named employee of the month
  • Employees can accumulate points and use them to get paid time off, gift cards, and team-building activities
  • You can also give your staff members extra presents to let them know how much you appreciate the effort and time they put into your business
  • It is simple to link with Slack so that everyone is informed when input is accessible
  • You can manage everything in one digital workspace by sending employee feedback straight to their DMs
  • Using popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Safari, anyone may access the web-based platform
  • Give team members feedback and give them point
  • Directly via Slack, compliment team members to increase morale and productivity
  • 15Five, Karma Bot, and HeyTaco are alternatives
  • Allow staff to accumulate points and exchange them for perks like paid holidays, swag, and other extras
  • Best for: Startups, small enterprises, and HR teams searching for a solution to strengthen a positive workplace environment.
  • 20 monthly points for comments each user
  • A leaderboard to track improved group performance
  • Reward your team to inspire them.
  • Detailed reports to track the team’s main players and top talent
  • Massive notifications
  • Immediate feedback
  • Web application
  • Integration with Slack

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