Ideanote is all-in-one innovation platform that empowers your team to capture, develop, & prioritize your best business ideas. This tool is to collect, develop, and prioritize the right ideas with the right people in one platform.

This tool is best for businesses or organizations with more than one employee. It’s the modern way of collecting ideas from your team on challenges or opportunities like
* How might we add a new service/product?
* How might we improve on our existing customer onboarding process?
* How might we collect leads for our upcoming launch?

Instead of the usual ballot box for getting feedback which rarely gets full, or the usual sticky note on the board for voting on ideas for implementation, everything is digitally entered into their platform.

What you can do:
* Manage criteria how ideas are evaluated
* Custom Impact Analysis on Missions that are either completed or archived
* Increase Employee / Team / Organization Engagement

If you are working with a global team, their insights provide you just how engagement you receive from different locations, top contributors, ideas received, etc.

Ideanote Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Launch powerful idea-collections and collaborate with your team, customers, partners, or guests.
  • Develop, manage, & track ideas in a fully customizable and intuitive workflow.
  • An alternative to Brightidea and Crowdicity.
  • Best for: Small marketing agencies, product teams, & sales departments looking for a central hub to innovate together.
  • Collect ideas, engage the right people, & measure impact.
  • Launch an idea-collection centered around a question or pain point.
  • 100’s of templates designed to spark conversation around your product, process, or project.
  • Invite members to, ask questions, and submit their own ideas!
  • Easily manage all your ideas in Ideanote’s management dashboard—from lightbulb moment to execution.
  • Five-phase funnel that lets you rate, comment on, & assign ideas.
  • Bring ideas to life in the idea management dashboard.
  • Delivers instant insights into content trends, teams,& contributors.
  • Export your data how you want.
  • Keep track of how your team is performing & identify top innovators.
  • Target & segment your audience to control who can submit ideas.
  • Designate access for specific individuals to comment, rate, & assign.
  • Embed Ideanote’s fully customizable widget onto your website to collect customer feedback and ideas!
  • Your own workspace for innovation
  • Capture, develop, prioritize and assign ideas
  • Advanced audience segmentation
  • Idea management mode for a visual overview
  • Custom evaluation to prioritize ideas your way
  • Custom impact tracking to measure your success
  • White-label branding with custom fonts and colors
  • Performance analytics on innovation and people
  • Custom idea fields and mission templates
  • 20 Team members
  • 1 Admin(s)
  • 1 Team folder(s)
  • 200 Ideas
  • Basic analytics


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