You can upscale your digital knowledge business with our comprehensive one-stop solution. Knowledge providers can create a holistic marketplace on Miholearn, offering courses, webinars, memberships, and downloads to their community. It offers a variety of features such as endpoint communication, cohort-based learning, community building, white-label branding, and more. This tool makes it easy for learners to connect with knowledge providers and acquire skills hassle-free.

Miholearn (LMS) Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Integrates WhatsApp and Telegram for seamless communication with endpoints.
  • Self-paced and cohort-based learning – Knowledge providers can upload both live and recorded lectures. Students can access those materials at the moment or later.
  • It helps users create communities of like-minded people to host discussions and inform them about all your services.
  • It provides knowledge providers with the option of offering courses, webinars, memberships, and downloads.
  • With a custom white-label mobile app, this tool plans to make its platform accessible at the fingertips of its users.
  • Find Roadmap.

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