Codegrip assists you in writing powerful code. It is an automated code review tool that tests code for bugs, code smells, and vulnerabilities, as well as scans for security risks. It is a code analysis tool that displays crucial metrics such as duplication %, suggestive error, and error resolution time for all types of code.

This tool ensures that all programme contains high-quality code. Duplication %, recommended solutions, issue resolution time, and many other metrics are available for all types of code. You can connect to your Slack channel. Every commit and pull request must have an automated code review.  You can construct your own ruleset. It has a no-code-storage policy, which protects your intellectual property. The dashboard view provides a high-level overview of all of your projects.

1. Manual code reviews: Manual code reviews are not automated. This also implies that if people are fatigued, there may be instances of subpar code.

2. Time: Manual code review takes a long time. This results in longer production release cycles and lower productivity.

3. High Cost: The absence of code reviews incurs high expenses in terms of resources, thereby hurting the bottom line and profit and loss.


1.When a developer commits code, it immediately examines it for flaws, code smells, and vulnerabilities within a few seconds.
2. Displays the proportion of code duplication as well as duplicated blocks, files, and lines.
Tells you how long it will take you to fix the bugs.

Codegrip Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Customise the code review rule sets to match the criteria you want to adhere to
  • Perform code reviews without worrying about code security. While performing automated code reviews, Codegrip does not save any of your code.
  • Automatically receive code quality reports and pull request notifications in a Slack channel of your choice.
  • Manage several projects using a dashboard view that displays all relevant information in one location.
  • Codegrip makes it simple to manage and correct code duplications.
  • Codegrip not only displays the problems, vulnerabilities, and duplication, but it also displays the location of the issues and solutions to them.
Codegrip Pitchground Price
Codegrip Pitchground Price
Codegrip Regular Pricing
Codegrip Regular Pricing

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