Mailcheck is an online email validation tool for validation on-the-go that is simple to use, quick, and efficient. Bulk validation and insight into validation scores instantly verify your email database.

Mailcheck Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Zero bounce is an alternative
  • With built-in API integration and targeted email campaign features, you can stop fake emails in their tracks.
  • Ideal for: Marketers who want to know who’s behind their email addresses and to decrease bounce rates
  • In Mailcheck, we use state-of-the-art algorithms to determine whether the email address in your mailing list belongs to a real person.
  • It boosts your campaign’s conversion rate and helps you optimize your email marketing budget by ensuring that your newsletters are delivered only to active email addresses.
  • Additionally, if someone attempts to create an account using a fake e-mail, the built-in API integration will ban them from your database.
  • Therefore, you will not have to deal with fake friends again, unlike the horror of middle school.
  • This tool  API protects your database from invalid email addresses, scammers, and bots.
  • It allows email users to easily adjust the filtering process and surpasses other email verification services.
  • That’s probably why other services have error margins up to 30% while Mailcheck has an error margin of less than 3%.
  • The best thing about Mailcheck is that it validates all email addresses in your mailing list by analyzing where they have been used.
  • You can verify one email address using the Quick Validation bar in no time.
  • MailCheck offers Bulk Validation in addition to Quick Validation.
  • It’s easy to use Mailcheck with any TSV or CSV file.
  • You can download the results with each email address’ Trust Rate Score once the data has been verified by Mailcheck.
  • And speaking of trust, you can rest easy knowing that Mailcheck will never share your personal information—all your data will be safely stored on Google Cloud.
  • You can validate bulk email addresses by uploading a file of emails and receiving a Trust Score for every address.
  • True or false? We’ve all looked at an Excel spreadsheet and felt like we were reading another language.
  • That’s why Mailcheck presents the results in an understandable manner.
  • You’ll be able to download your results as a CSV file without fussy formatting or tricky coding.
  • Exports a CSV file that eliminates sorting through messy content.
  • It offers a unique set of tools that improve your email campaign targeting in addition to the amazing email validation engine.
  • If you are heavily dependent on high-quality leads, opt-in forms with email validations will come in handy.
  • With Mailcheck’s API integration, your mailing list will be clean of spammers and bots.
  • You’ll only be able to contact those who will actually open your email this way.
  • With Mailcheck’s API integration, campaigns can be better targeted.
  • You can stack up to 5 codes.
  • 2 Million credits
  • 100,000 checks per month

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