Learnitive is an interactive writing platform powered by AI that includes APIs, plugins, and integration capabilities. Long-form academic and SEO writing simplified.

It is the leading AI-enabled e-learning platform, allowing you to plan, research, write, cite, and create incredibly unique Copyscaped content using the most creative AI-Writer ever!

Learnitive Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Writers may simply collaborate on posts, share expertise, and receive feedback on Learnitive, increasing their growth factor and success.
  • The AI is available for free to anyone with a limited number of AI words, but don’t forget to take advantage of this discount to extend the AI word limit and gain some additional benefits such as API access and custom domains.
  • On the other hand, not only allows you to create using AI, but also to Copyscape each paragraph (using your own Copyscape API key) and to develop and execute codes and OS commands right inside the AI writer
  • Users can make and insert vector illustrations, search for and embed infinite Pexels photos, find references in journals and Wikipedia, and perform amazing AI voiceovers
  • It includes widgets for creating long-form AI content and executable code, reviewing spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, and engagement, and generating neural text-to-speech
  • It detects plagiarism using the Copyscape API and can offer replacements for found problems using Grammarly
  • The AI Expand can autocomplete sentences and even compose a new paragraph. It can also increase writing quality by artificial AI passage paraphrasing and rewriting
  • Create amazing figures on the fly and export them as PDFs or do private sharing
  • The WordPress plugin is available for both the WP Classic and Gutenberg editors
  • Copyscape and AI voices are also supported by the plugin.
  • Creators can utilize these endpoints to bring their own AI tool to life and create ebooks, blogs, social media posts, and emails straight from their own website
  • Team members can share their AI word balance, interact, receive constructive feedback in the form of comments, content, or code, validate results with built-in research tools (fact check), and lastly use Copyscape to ensure the originality of their work
  • Ask questions about specific subjects, get assistance, and complete any complicated writing task in the least amount of time! Creators are given certain responses
  • In reality, to pass the Turnitin tests, one must alter every third word in a sentence. It will be hard for any AI writer to pass an assignment or achieve a higher SEO rank unless the authors are eager to learn, investigate, and educate themselves
  • It is built on a strong and scalable infrastructure offered by DigitalOcean and Amazon Web Services. The AI writer is programmed to respond in a specific, accurate, and intuitive manner. It also enables designers to employ numerous AI models
  • It supports English as well as over 30 other languages.
  • It is intended for educational, research, blogging, SEO marketing, and other purposes; nevertheless, it cannot generate fake news, violence, hate speech, or adult content. AI voiceover may consume up to 5X the number of words every call.
Learnitive rockethub price
Learnitive rockethub price
learnitive regular pricing
learnitive regular pricing

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