DialPause is a brand-new autodialer platform that was developed with the express purpose of helping small businesses speed up their sales. This tool is dedicated to making the same technology affordable and available to small business owners, in contrast to the majority of its competitors, who cater to large corporations and require annual contracts from their customers. The auto-dialling technology provided by this tool enables sales agents to communicate with more potential customers and, as a result, close more deals. When phoning prospects, time is money, and it saves you both time and money.

The autodialer system comes equipped with a built-in power dialling feature that automatically adds a lead’s number to your agent’s queue and then schedules call to that agent. In addition, it comes equipped with a parallel dialer that enables users to simultaneously make up to 5 calls. Because of these powerful capabilities, sales professionals are able to make more calls, which in turn leads to more interactions, while saving time on duties that are repetitive. You can field calls at your PC or carry on a chat while you’re on the move.

Pause Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • You can easily download the lead details and upload any call notes. Integrate your process with Hubspot and Calendly by connecting the two services.
  • When lead lists are uploaded, it will automatically call the leads on those lists. You can also use the parallel dialer to make up to five simultaneous calls.
  • You should record phone calls while also taking notes at the same time. Keep a copy of everything.
  • Auto-Dialer: Save time with the built-in auto-dialer that can pull contacts to call from your lead list. This feature allows you to make more calls with less effort
  • With parallel dialling, you can contact additional potential leads by dialling up to five numbers concurrently. When a call is answered by your target, you will be automatically connected to them. Determine which contacts to call again depending on how quickly they answered previous calls
  • Simply upload a.csv file containing bulk contact information to add batches for call campaigns when using the “upload lists” function
  • Call Recording: No SDR solution is complete until it has the capacity to record incoming and outgoing calls
  • Add Users / Agents allows you to expand your team from one person to multiple agents that make sales calls
  • You can focus on writing notes within each contact’s card instead of remembering to take notes during calls because calls are automatically recorded
  • Integrate with Hubspot and Calendly (additional integration will be added in the future).
  • The vast majority of auto-dialers now available on the market are prohibitively expensive for the majority of business owners, but the auto-dialing platform makes the same technology accessible to a wider audience.
Pause Rockethub Price
Pause Rockethub Price

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