Kurator is the best solution for modern content creators who are wanting to streamline the research, curation, and publishing process in their work. You can simply scrape information from any website with the help of powerful scraping features

This allows you to make edits to headlines, save images, and add descriptions, authors, publishers, dates, and content tags for simple reference. This tool can help you save time by organizing your curated information, but it also enables you to post your research to your website and synchronize it with your newsletter and social media platforms, all with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Kurator Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • The function that allows you to create YouTube galleries and carousels that embed videos directly on your site transforms  into an all-in-one solution for enhancing your online presence
  • Finding the content you’re looking for within each collection has never been simpler thanks to the search function that the tool provides. And if you’re trying to reach an even wider audience, this tool enables you to submit your content to the YouTube Resource Center and content blocks.
  • Curation is distinct from bookmarking in that it enables you to add essential details, such as personal comments, as well as helpful meta tags, such as an author, publisher, date, and content tags that enable you to add your purpose for saving this particular article. In contrast, bookmarking only enables you to save URLs of web pages
  • It is much simpler for you to locate the content that you have previously saved and to repurpose it for various uses
  • A significant number of web pages, including web-based documents, or postings made on social networking platforms, do not have meta information saved with the page
  • You will be able to simply index and reuse the content by adding all of this information to each post that you create using Kurator’s help
  • The symbol will be updated once a link is saved in it. You can then read your notes by selecting the  icon from the toolbar and clicking it\
  • In the event that you choose to share your folders with your team, the saved signal will make it simple for you to examine the notes that have been saved for that page by your team
  • The tag search bar is a very valuable tool since it enables you to easily and quickly find the information you are looking for when it is placed in its appropriate context
  • As your collections expand and you begin to manage tens or even hundreds of links for each collection, you will find that using the search tool on this page will save you a significant amount of time spent seeking information
  • You can now rapidly filter and access all of your links in context, making it easy for you to get rid of tab clutter and gain access to your project links and research in the appropriate context
  • Using the visual card view, it is simple to view your photographs in conjunction with your post. You may also easily and quickly filter your posts by clicking on the content tags, author, and publisher in your post while in card view. This allows you to rapidly filter and see your bookmarks in context
  • With Card View, you may not only preview your published content but also see how it will appear graphically on your website, in your newsletter, or across your social platforms
  • Your bookmark collections will continue to develop over time, and using keyword search will enable you to see the occurrences of your search terms in the context of where they are kept in the tree structure of your bookmarks.
  •  The function known as “share,” it is simple for teams to contribute content to the same folder and to work off of the same study pool
  • People who share a folder have the ability to remove or modify the content of any other user’s files within that folder
  • Every contributor is only able to manage and change their own content, but they may search for and access the content of all other contributors.
kurator appsumo price
kurator appsumo price



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