Eazybe will assist you in prioritizing discussions, reducing clutter, and ensuring that you never miss another follow-up. You can schedule messages, sort chats, send quick replies, follow-ups, reminders, and send messages without saving phone numbers all from within WhatsApp Web!

Like WA Web Plus for WhatsAppTM, WhatsWeb, WAToolkit, and other WhatsApp Chrome extensions, it focuses on modernizing your WhatsApp inbox rather than mass texting. Your WhatsApp inbox is clogged with messages from customers, coworkers, vendors, friends, and family.

EazyBe Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Under the Unread, Groups labels, tabs are automatically sorted.
  • Make your own labels and tag them with chats.
  • Send a message to someone without saving their phone number.
  • Quick replies with attachments can be saved and sent as needed.
  • Text messages, photos, and documents can be sent at any point in the future.
  • In every chat, create follow-ups with notes, email addresses, and amounts to remind you.
  • To help you plan your day, view all of your reminders and notifications by date.
  • Bid farewell to your clogged inbox: We’ve arranged the Whatsapp tabs for you so you can focus on your work.
  • Follow-ups can be automated. Save the user’s profile, name, notes, and follow-up dates.
  • The Present Is Crucial: By avoiding saving numbers before sending any text, you will save 20% of your time.
  • Quick Replies: Save time by sending pre-written quick response texts to your customers.
  • Users must be labeled: Make a label for your consumer so you don’t forget what user type they are.
  • Follow-up Reminders: Set reminders so you don’t forget to follow up, and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • Recovering a strewn-apart wagon
  • Labels & Tabs that are Shared
  • Chats will be sorted.
  • CRM for Customer Service Representatives
  • CRM for sales
  • List of tasks to be completed
  • Marketing
  • Managing projects
  • Onboarding new customers
  • Developing software
  • Recruiting
  • Working from afar
  • Make up your own process.

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