Mailtimer was designed with utility and simplicity in mind, making it simple to construct stunning timers. The resulting snippet can be pasted directly into your email template.

Mailtimer Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Set a date and time for expiration as is customary.
  • When the email is opened, start the timer.
  • When the email is sent, start the timer.
  • Dynamic: Use a variable to dynamically set the expiration time and date.
  • Without writing any code, quickly create timers with stunning designs.
  • Free: Our primary service will never change.
  • Highly Modifiable Create a precise fit between your brand’s colors, typefaces, and styles
  • 4 types of timer
  • Set up conventional or perpetual timers. Once the email has been read, sent, or set dynamically for each client, begin the countdown
  • Our timers have been designed to load quickly
  • Ready for PC and mobile use: across all devices, it looks excellent
  • Multi-language: In any language, create a timer
  • Analytics in real-time Real-time tracking of your email campaigns.
  • 100K timer views per cod
  • 500K timer views from 2 code
  • 1M timer views from 3 code
  • 3M timer views x 4 code
  • 15M timer views times 5 codes PLUS the following timers that can be clicked, timers with backdrop images, configurable fonts, and custom domains.

Mailtimer Price

Mailtimer Dealmirror Price

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