Kona is a Slack plugin for building remote team cultures. The emotional connection is crucial for culture and trust, but how do you create it in a virtual environment? It’s difficult to read the room on a remote team and get an impression of how the teammates are feeling.

Kona Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Make your workflow transparent by using Kona.
  • Kona keeps tabs on team emotions through daily checks-in. Spark watercooler conversations, lead empathy-driven meetings, and get a gist on team health right in Slack!
  • Kona gives managers insight into team trends to help them lead with empathy.
  • Team check-ins for remote bonding
  • A Slack-based dashboard for health
  • You’ll be in the know about the best ways to stay healthy and prevent burnout
  • Collaboration prompts on a weekly basis
  • Team channel only be able to see responses
  • Fully customizable settings and emojis
  • Adjustments for time zones are built-in
  • Valid for unlimited number of team members, one manager
  • Customer service that is personalized
  • Requests for features can be handled directly by the makers.
  • The Slack integration will be updated in the future.
  • Get in touch if you want to know more about GDPR!
  • One manager per code
  • Additional codes can be added to the existing code for an additional manager.
  • Per organization, there can only be 5 managers.

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