BasicOps is  a project management tool with you may set priorities for your work and stay in constant contact with your team. You may always speak with team members and maintain the natural workflow because this tool was created with collaboration in mind.

By using the comments, responses, and mentions in the conversations tab, you can follow the dialogue. Additionally, Dropbox and Google Drive allow you to attach files and share URLs. Even better, incorporate a review process into your conversations so that your team can assess initiatives and keep track of any decisions.

Basicops Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Staying in touch with your team is always a snap because to this tool’s integration with Slack, Google Calendar, and Zoom.
  • Visualize progress with a well-organized feed that updates your team on ongoing projects, conversations, and individual assignments.
  • Your feed highlights significant developments that you haven’t yet checked while displaying the most recent action
  • You may create, assign, and monitor the progress of action items from meetings using the built-in notes tool
  • Use common formatting tools to arrange your notes, such as numbered and bulleted lists, hyperlinks, bold, italic, and underlined typefaces
  • The checkmark tool enables you to automatically convert action items into project tasks and distribute them to team members.
  • Make a timeline to keep track of weekly progress, establish job dependencies, and guarantee work is completed on time
  • Algorithms that define start and end dates for your tasks can be used to determine appropriate timetables when you start a new project
  • It will show any potential obstacles or inconsistencies as you move tasks across the schedule to organise them as you see fit
  • Countless assignments and message
  • Individual and group cha
  • Views for lists, boards, calendars, timelines, and summary
  • Template project
  • Notes for projects and personal us
  • Dependent tasks with start and finish date
  • Customers, clients, suppliers, and organisation
  • Integrations with OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, Zoom, and Webex
  • Integrations between Jira, Github, and Slack

Basicops Appsumo Price

Basicops Price

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