Katalist Storytelling Studio is an AI-powered tool that converts scripts into visual stories without requiring complex instructions. It allows you to pick between two visual styles: “sketch” for simple details and “cinematic” for realistic, movie-like images.

From there, simply submit the screenplay and let the AI generate consistent characters, scenes, and activities without prompting! Your AI assistant will be able to develop a storyboard with many frames to bring all of your creative concepts to reality.

Katalist Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • It can identify the key characters and assign them to an AI-generated actor from the character library.
  • You will receive consistent characters in each frame without having to tamper with generating parameters
  • Your first draft will be in excellent form! However, if you wish to make any changes, you can modify people and situations straight in the frame
  • You’ll be able to change the environment of any scene, such as a modern workplace, metropolitan subway, neighborhood cafe, or bustling cityscape
  • You may easily adjust a character’s location and control their limbs, allowing you to fine-tune the plot until it meets your vision
  • And, owing to generative fill, you may place props or objects anywhere to achieve the ideal shot for each frame
  • When you’re finished, convert the visual tale into an interactive presentation and send it as a link via Slack or email
  • No matter what modifications you make to your script or visual tale, this platform will keep your link up to date, so you never have to reshare it
  • It also allows you to export your visual tale as a PowerPoint, ZIP file, or MP4 for added versatility
  • It can convert all of your scripts into visual stories with bespoke sets, characters, and objects.
  • Automatically convert your scripts into visual storytelling without any complex AI prodding.
  • Change the positions, add accessories, and change all of your settings to create the most appealing pictures.
Katalist Storytelling Studio appsumo price
Katalist Storytelling Studio appsumo price

Katalist Storytelling Studio regular pricing

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