Hypertype is a Chrome addon powered by AI that can compose email responses based on contextual information and company data. With this tool, you can use AI to create unique responses to any email, making clogged inboxes and unanswered emails a thing of the past.

Train the AI on your data, such as previous emails, Notion documents, and file uploads, to provide appropriate responses for your business.

Hypertype Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • You’ll be able to select from a variety of writing tones, such as intrigued, confident, apologetic, and rejecting.
  • This technology also assists your customer support team by automatically retrieving essential information and inserting it into each response.
  • Simply insert the recipient’s name and a short question to generate cold outreach emails quickly.
  • The AI will then use essential information from your company’s data to adapt responses for a certain service, product, or offer.
  • You may modify, add, or remove any email copy before sending it, then paste it immediately into your reply.
  • When you answer a meeting request, this AI will automatically include a Calendly link
  • You can enable and disable this function to prevent sharing your Calendly link with folks you don’t need to meet with
  • This is ideal for sales teams who want to schedule more inbound prospects without having to write the same response over and over
  • Even if you let AI design responses, you can utilize a prompt to alter your email response before sending it.
  • You can use this method to create interesting content that complements your brand voice, such as instructing the AI to sound like an adventurous pirate or a refined poet
  • You’ll also be able to include special discounts or limited-time deals to attract vital leads and customers.
hypertype regular pricing
hypertype regular pricing
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hypertype appsumo price


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