BiQ is an AI-powered SEO suite that optimizes content, identifies keywords, and measures rank. An AI-powered SEO suite can help you drive more traffic and search engine rankings.

BIQ Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Get personalized content optimization plus discover your hidden ranking at the top of the rankings.
  • An alternative to Ahrefs, ClearScope, and SEMrush
  • The rank tracking and keyword intelligence tools are all easily accessible through one single platform.
  • Best for: Marketers, agencies & growth hackers who need to improve their site’s SEO ranking in less time
  • Intent analyzer enables you to determine the real purpose of the search and lets you know if it is transactional, informational, or navigational.
  • Therefore, you can target keywords that have high transactional intent and slip them into your content to increase sales.
  • It also lets you sort keywords by the highest value to make content that’s more likely to convert.
  • To get an idea of what to write, switch over to the content, ideas, questions, or trending topics section.
  • Pick keywords with the highest value and use those to drive conversions!
  • Our content intelligence ensures you’re producing relevant content.
  • Based on the comparison of your content against the top 10 ranking sites for personalized optimization, you can receive advanced AI-guided suggestions that will enhance your SEO strategy.
  • BiQ provides you with real-time content analysis so you can see your content’s readability, semantic density, keyword density, and more.
  • The line-by-line analysis helps you evaluate each paragraph independently in order to determine its contribution to the overall content score.
  • The content editor lets you make changes right away, which is ideal for those who are never satisfied with their content. (I’ll see myself out.)
  • Artificial intelligence provides in-depth analysis of your content for improved ranking!
  • BiQ’s rank intelligence will reveal what keywords you’re currently ranking for.
  • We’ll tell you about search volume, cost-per-click, competition, ranking pages, and ranking position.
  • You can even discover your hidden 11th–20th ranking keywords, so you’ll know which articles you need to optimize next.
  • With rank intelligence, you can also see what keywords your competitors are ranking high for, allowing you to follow in their footsteps. (All’s fair in love and SEO.)
  • With Rank Intelligence you can know things like search volume, CPC, competitors, and more!
  • Rank tracking helps you keep track of your ranking progress.
  • The tracking tool allows you to see what works and what doesn’t for your site.
  • This will allow you to easily assess the impact of all your SEO efforts.
  • You can also see how your ranking has changed over time with rank tracking.
  • Track your website’s rank over time with useful visualizations!
  • With all the data BiQ offers, it’s impossible to get lost.
  • All your data is organized in the collections feature, saving you a lot of time.
  • All the data you store under “my collections” will be available to you in the project you’ve created, including keywords and content.
  • The collections feature lets you access your saved data instantly!
  • Search engines are super-complex systems that change their rules all the time.
  • With an advanced AI that guides you through content, keyword, and ranking intelligence, plus rank tracking, you will know how you are performing in the long run.
  • All features above included
  • Keyword Intelligence:
  • 250 total research per month
  • Content Intelligence:
  • 100 total analysis per month
  • 50 saved documents
  • Rank Intelligence:
  • 7,500 total ranking discovery
  • Rank Tracking:
  • 100 total keywords
  • 50 total tags
  • Reporting:
  • 100 exports per month
  • Collection:
  • 200 total items per month

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