Hide My WP Ghost is a highly configurable WordPress plugin that makes it simple to upgrade your site’s security in a matter of minutes and to better defend your site. You’ll be able to stop hacker bots in their tracks and prevent them from compromising data such as plugins, themes, and the core files of your WordPress installation.

This tool scans your entire site to determine its current security level and to identify urgent security threats that leave your site vulnerable to a variety of different types of cyberattacks. Protect your website against common attacks such as script and SQL injection, as well as brute-force attacks, by masking the vulnerabilities that are exposed without changing any files or directories on your server.

Hide My WP Ghost Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • The majority of websites are compromised as a result of security vulnerabilities that could have been easily avoided had the appropriate security measures been implemented at the appropriate time.
  • All vulnerabilities will be identified and detailed in a separate report, and you will be given clear instructions on how to resolve each issue identified
  • You’ll be able to resolve issues with a single click right away!
  • It provides a variety of options for customizing security features to meet your specific requirements.
  • Create custom login and logout redirects that are based on the roles of the users. For example, you can prevent subscribers from having access to the admin URL, which they would need to log in.
  • You can also hide the Admin Toolbar based on user roles, as well as change classes, names, and IDs in the site’s source code, in order to reduce the visibility of your WordPress presence.
  • In addition, you’ll get brute force protection with a limit on the number of login attempts, reCaptcha protection, IP address blacklisting, and a lockout message and duration that you can customize.
  • Stack up to three codes at a time.
  • Paths can be customized.
  • Keep WordPress’s common paths and files safe.
  • Firewall against script and SQL injection
  • URL mapping and text mapping
  • Protection against brute force
  • User activity logs and suspicious activity alerts are two features that are available
  • XML-RPC security is provided.
  • WP headers can be hidden.

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