DogQ is a no-code automated testing solution that lets app developers of all skill levels to test for functionality and defects.

It is a web-based, automated testing tool for testing the functioning of online applications by simulating user flows.

DogQ Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • All you have to do is create a project and start building your first module. Then you’ll be able to create scenarios that mimic real-world user interactions.
  • You’ll be able to create automated test scenarios for UI, end-to-end, regression, and more, whether you’re a seasoned developer or a complete newcomer
  • It provides a limitless number of capabilities for testing parallelization and macros, allowing you to test many aspects of your web product
  • You can use macros to reuse any combination of steps across numerous scenarios, allowing you to design and run tests faster than ever before
  • Simply choose the number of tests needed for your project and the frequency of testing notifications, and you’re done
  • You can quickly create test schedules depending on your individual needs with this tool, whether you’re testing a new feature or perfecting functionality
  • You can schedule tests at certain time intervals and run them individually, in a module, or as a whole project
  • You can also avoid slogging through manual testing methods because your team can totally automate testing to focus on feature development.
  • This feature allows you to invite an unlimited number of colleagues at no additional cost
  • Test cases are written in a readable and understandable manner so that non-technical team members may digest the results as well
  • This delivers insightful reports on all of your successful and failed runs.
dogq appsumo price
dogq appsumo price
dogq regular pricing
dogq regular pricing

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