Funnell is a tool that helps you to maximize campaigns by leveraging meaningful actions that customers take on your website with no coding or complex integrations needed.

This tool makes it possible to spend your money more effectively by allowing you to track customer actions on your website. You can also use this data to teach your ad platforms how to send you high-quality leads on your website, you can also set up tracking directly on your website in one step with no coding necessary. You can use the simple point and click tool to choose the elements you want to track, like when customers reach a certain page like check out or click on an element like add to card.

Funnelll Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • You can easily set up tracking on your websites and also choose which elements to track.
  • Install Funnelll on Shopify in just one simple step and start tracking conversations in no time.
  • It integrates with WordPress, Weebly, Shopify, Squarespace, Google Tag Manager, and other web platforms.
  • You can Swipe to install the top marketing and analytics tools like Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Hotjar, Google Ads, Twitter Advertising, Linkedin Ads, Stripe, Slack, and more.
  • You can organize your data around the customer journey, from landing on your website to all the way through checkout.
  • You can identify your bottlenecks and determine which marketing activities are actually driving sales.
  • You can also invite team members to join this tool through an email invite so that your entire team has visibility around the data that’s powering your optimized marketing strategy.
  • Also, manage your team’s access, permissions, and roles to ensure each person can access the data they need.
  • It works with complements and your existing marketing tools.
  • Unlimited service and app integrations
  • Unlimited tracked Funnel dashboard
  • Unlimited tracking setup across apps

Funnelll Appsumo Price

Funnelll Price

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