You can make money with your AI solutions by offering multiple monetization choices and ensuring dependable transaction processing. You can also track usage across all your tools and crucial app behaviour, such as chatbot responses.

You can build, monetize, and deploy your own AI apps using Pickaxe to succeed in the burgeoning AI creator economy.

ChatMaxima Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Set up tiers, paywalls, and subscriptions to earn passive money.
  • Collect payments with the built-in Stripe integration.
  • Manage your whole user base and keep track of stats such as monthly users and guests.
  • Configure AI models, API keys, and privacy settings.
  •  It allows you to centralise messages from WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, SMS, and live chat without compromising security.
  • Organise, label, and allocate messages to your live agents.
  • Summarise discussions, identify sentiment, include private notes, and schedule responses.
  • Use AI to produce contextual responses to minimise response times.
  • You may also use the mobile app to give rapid, high-quality customer service wherever you are.
  • Manage chatbots, access the Shared Inbox, and use AI technologies on your mobile device.
  • Respond to customers and examine conversation summaries immediately.
  • It allows you to create no-code AI chatbots that can engage with consumers and leads at any time of day.

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