Exact Links is a clever plugin that transforms your URLs into sophisticated instruments for conversion tracking and revenue growth. Link management has progressed beyond merely shortening long web domains to match your branding, which does admirably.

BUT it’s also about determining which initiatives result in revenue. It allows you to measure conversions directly from your links (Woo & EDD integrations), as well as a plethora of additional data about your clicks and visits, such as where your audience is coming from, their devices, browsers, and operating systems. It’s like having your very own link spyglass.

Exact Links Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Allow your viewers to select their own journey from your content. Say goodbye to one hyperlink pointing to a product page using’ Choice Page. Make a junction of options now.
  • Consider this: visitors arrive at your Choice Page, which is linked or embedded in your content, and find not just one link, but a slew of them.
  • At the top, a beautiful product image draws attention. Several links below provide a treasure map of options—Amazon, Walmart, eBay, or other related products.
  • The Choice Page provides a clear, engaging point of decision that empowers your audience. They choose, click, and proceed to their desired location, all within the space you’ve created. This tool allows you to interact with your visitors freshly.
  • It allows you to present your material in a stylish box that not only looks great but also entices visitors to click “Ooo, tell me more!”
  • It’s a splash of color and design that breaks up the text and draws attention to the product you’re promoting. This box provides a strong visual in a peaceful setting, with a clear call to action that readers can’t ignore.
  • The container Content transforms your page into a dynamic space that improves engagement and encourages revenue.
  • Only the strongest links survive in the gladiatorial ring of digital marketing, and A/B Traffic Split function is your hidden weapon.
  • Consider it your marketing Yoda, directing you to the path of knowledge, where two URLs enter, but only one will lead you to the promised land of conversion.
  • Your traffic does not go to a single location. It’s split over two URLs so you can check which one performs best. Split testing made simple!
  • Remove the guesswork and begin optimizing your pages for maximum engagement.
  • Leave guessing at the door and make wise decisions that make every click work harder for you.
  • It  is a WordPress plugin that not only simplifies URL shortening but also makes it a strategic asset.
  • This platform provides the unique capability of tracking conversions straight from your links, as well as unlimited link creation, thorough statistics, and unique features like Choice Page and Box Content, making your marketing efforts more efficient and data-driven.
  • Add beautiful box content to articles to boost reader engagement and track click analytics for better content strategy decisions.
  • Use cloaked links to promote products inconspicuously, while monitoring the success of each link to maximize affiliate revenue
  • Implement WooCommerce conversion monitoring to better understand customer journeys and improve the sales funnel for increased conversion rates.
  • Use A/B traffic split to split-test landing pages to determine the most effective page features that lead to increased sales.
  • Use thorough analytics to fine-tune link strategies and boost search rankings by better understanding traffic sources and user behavior.
  • Use customized box templates to create visually appealing calls to action that complement the look of the blog while encouraging more clicks
  • Social media managers should monitor the efficacy of various promotional links across platforms to modify social media tactics for increased engagement
  • Use abbreviated URLs to keep site navigation clear while keeping a professional appearance and promoting user-friendly online experiences
  • Include short links in email campaigns to track recipient activities and evaluate the effectiveness of different email marketing techniques
  • Use Choice Pages to present various product options to consumers and drive traffic to the most popular items
  • Deliver clear, actionable insights from link performance data to customers to drive business choices and digital strategy enhancements
  • Use detailed link analytics to discover and strengthen weak points in a sales page or marketing funnel
  • Online educators should provide course materials with trackable links, analyze which resources receive the most attention, and adjust educational content accordingly
  • Traffic source tracking can be used by ad campaign managers to fine-tune ad targeting and optimize campaign budgets depending on the channels that give the best ROI
  • Use custom slugs and template designs that correspond with the corporate concept to ensure consistent branding across all marketing materials.
Exact Links saaszilla price
Exact Links saaszilla price
Exact Links regular pricing
Exact Links regular pricing

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