NewOaks AI automates customer care, allowing your company to stay ahead in today’s fast-paced world. With clever, appointment booking chatbots, it automatically handles consumer inquiries and transforms your website into a lead-generating machine.

It allows the AI to access your resources through document submission and URL crawling. In this manner, it responds to client concerns in a natural, relevant, and useful manner.

NewOaks AI Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Multilingual assistance eliminates language barriers, allowing for effective communication with clients worldwide
  • Choose between the dependable GPT-3.5 and the cutting-edge GPT-4 technologies for customer service that is not only automatic but also smart and intuitive
  • Expect replies from the tool that is not only correct but also connect with your consumers, increasing satisfaction and efficiency
  • The lead capture tool is a digital magnet for your company, precisely engineered to convert casual website encounters into important leads.
  • By providing intelligent, automated chat that not only answers visitors’ questions but also intuitively captures essential information
  • Consider this: As users navigate your site, the chat widget appears at the precise moment determined by sophisticated timing settings. It seamlessly transitions from providing answers to collecting vital contact information such as names, emails, and phone numbers
  • It also prompts visitors to arrange appointments immediately using interfaces with Calendly or Google Calendar
  • Imagine being able to reach your customers directly in their pockets – that’s the power of SMS function
  • It responds to text questions and even initiates SMS discussions with your audience. Assisting you in identifying qualified leads and scheduling appointments
  • The SMS chatbot is proactive as well as responsive. You may program it to initiate conversations after a specified amount of time, ensuring that your potential consumers are engaged at the right time
  • The chatbot handles everything via SMS, from answering queries about your services to following up with leads
  • Tier 3 provides several features aimed for individuals who want to create an unlimited number of chatbots, have an unlimited number of team seats, and have everything organized in distinct workspaces
  • It’s ideal for assisting clients in creating unique chatbots geared to a range of needs, such as customer assistance, lead generation, appointment booking, or automated SMS marketing.
  • Furthermore, the supplied custom domain (CNAME) will white-label the embedding code, allowing you to offer these services as if they were under your brand (the customer will see your domain on the code that is used to embed the AI assistant).
  • Consider empowering businesses with their own AI assistants while also generating consistent revenue and improving your agency’s image
  • It is more than just a chat support tool; it’s a website powerhouse. The AI-powered chatbot does more than just answer questions; it also automatically captures and engages leads
  • Consider a tireless, intelligent assistant who is constantly ready to converse, inform, and convert interest into tangible prospects such as additional leads and appointments.
NewOaks AI saaszilla price
NewOaks AI saaszilla price
NewOaks AI regular pricing
NewOaks AI regular pricing

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