Documentero is a cloud-based document solution that can assist you with document automation. Create Word and PDF documents using custom templates utilising API, Shareable Forms, Spreadsheets, or ChatGPT.

Integrations with over 5000 apps, including Zapier, Make, Integrately, Pabbly, Webflow, and… supports a number of template features such as dynamic fields, formulae, conditional sections, pictures, and HTML.

Documentero Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Create a template online using our editor or upload it from your PC (.docx).
  • Supports Word (.docx) and PDF output formats.
  • Under the hood, the best PDF/Word parser on the market—create consistent documents.
  • Easy to use and set up—no coding required.
  • Bulk document generation using spreadsheet data (copy from CSV, Excel, Google Sheets)
  • Add a document creation form to your website.
  • Ability to pass HTML formatted fields to the document.
  • Integration with OpenAI ChatGPT – Prepare document data using the OpenAI prompt (API key required).
  • Fields allow you to control certain areas of a document.
  • The Sections function allows you to control entire sections, pages, or chunks of a document.
  • Smart Fields or Smart Sections can be used to show/hide or calculate a portion of a page based on certain conditions.
  • Use your own editor and templates; there’s no need to convert your branded, styled document templates to an online editor.
  • You can use any editor that supports.docx files (such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or LibreOffice).
  • We don’t force you to use our online editor to handle your document templates; you can upload and change them directly from.docx files.
  • It can parse.docx document templates and manage modifications (if you add or delete fields from documents, we will process them and update the forms/API accordingly).
  • Once you’ve uploaded your template, the application will generate an easy-to-use online form.
  • You can customise it by altering the representation of each field/section (textfield, datepicker, selectbox, radio select, checkbox, etc.). Dependent fields can be shown or hidden conditionally.
  • You can create a public sharing link for each form. Others can complete your paperwork for you using a pre-setup form.
  • Once the person you shared the link with successfully completes the form, you will be alerted via email and will be able to utilise the document as an attachment.
  • Create many papers with a single click with simple Bulk Spreadsheet Document Generation; you can now easily generate a batch of documents based on your spreadsheet data.
  • Provide or copy-paste data into the spreadsheet. Each row represents data for a single document.
  • The programme includes a playground for generating documents with a sample payload (based on the document template).
  • After you upload your document template, we will examine all fields, sections, and line items.
  • When you link  this tool to your favourite automation platform, you can map all fields from your trigger/application to the fields in your document template without having to write any code.
  • A specific Documentero Plugin allows you to use Documentero with and the Webflow Plugin.
  • Integration with OpenAI ChatGPT – Prepare document data using the OpenAI prompt (API key required).
Documentero appsumo price
Documentero appsumo price
Documentero regular pricing
Documentero regular pricing

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