With BeagleSecurity’s intelligent website security monitoring, online businesses can protect their site from security threats. Get recommendations for fixing security issues based on automated penetration tests for your website.

BeagleSecurity Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • An alternative to Detection
  • Integrations with Slack, Jira, Asana, Trello, etc., and other apps you already use
  • CTOs and site owners seeking an easy way to identify security issues and get insights on repairing them
  • You can get accurate results faster by leveraging AI and automation
  • The automated testing can be accomplished in two hours to two days, while manual penetration testing usually takes about two to three weeks
  • By simply clicking a button, you can conduct in-depth pentests on your website with the capability of running multiple tests simultaneously
  • The tool lets you securely manage multiple websites, web apps, and environments from one single dashboard.
  • The single dashboard provides a complete overview of site security for multiple websites
  • On the dashboard, find out the security details, including score, number of vulnerabilities, and classification out of severity, once the security test is complete
  • You can also get the top 10 security indicators from OWASP, a global standard for web security, as well as charts showing vulnerability trends of a site over time
  • Technical and non-technical users can download the test results in PDF, CSV, XML, or JSON formats.
  • Get a detailed insight about security on each website by exploring the individual dashboards
  • Security vulnerabilities are of limited value unless they are fixed.
  • Your developers will be able to address security issues efficiently if they utilize BeagleSecurity’s reports to fix specific vulnerabilities
  • Furthermore, these reports will show you how a vulnerability was exploited on your website as well as the exact occurrence
  • Tech teams or clients can have access to reports, and you can resolve issues faster
  • Obtain in-depth penetration test reports with recommendations on correcting security issues
  • Using AI-powered technology, results in better testing with fewer false positives and decision-making capabilities similar to a human pentester
  • Penetration tests can be restricted to specific database, framework, and server details to produce more accurate results
  • It’s best to schedule security tests on a weekly or monthly basis, so you can leave the testing on autopilot and focus on other tasks.
  • Maintain website security by conducting regular penetration tests
  • To help companies prepare for releases, the tool integrates with Gitlab, Azure DevOps, AWS Codepipeline, and more.
  • You can have unlimited domains
  • Test concurrently and repeatedly
  • JScript has been fully tested for dynamic web pages
  • Web apps with login for user authentication
  • Export results as PDF, JSON, CSV, or XML
  • Integration of APIs
  • AWS CodePipeline, Azure Pipelines, GitLab, Github Actions, Jenkins, and more DevSecOps CI Plugins
  • Integrating results with Slack, Jira, Asana, Trello, Azure Boards, and Pabbly Connect.
  • Webhook integration with custom webhooks
  • Identification badges and certificates
  • Plug-in for WordPress

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