Dashed AI, you can track prospects based on their intent and close more deals by linking your LinkedIn account to your CRM. You may obtain more than 20 actionable, intent-based KPIs with this tool, making it simple to comprehend how many sales are generated by LinkedIn.

To concentrate your outreach efforts on your warmest leads and expand your target audience, eliminate uninterested prospects. With integrated predictive analytics, you can also forecast upcoming sales based on performance.

Dashed AI Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Your sales process can be made more efficient using this tool, which examines the emotion of every communication in your LinkedIn inbox.
  • Prospects are automatically grouped into seven categories by the AI algorithm: meeting scheduled, a question asked, the information sought, not now, not interested, and referred.
  • Additionally, you may build up CRM connectors based on prospects’ levels of interest, such as adding prospects who aren’t interested right now to your pipeline for follow-up.
  • All of your interested leads’ messages are collected in one location. That guarantees that you’ll never again overlook a lead’s response in your LinkedIn inbox
  • You can store context for each contact to help you customize responses by using the category information that is displayed next to each lead.
  • Even better, the calendar integration makes it simple to schedule meetings and set up follow-up reminders by allowing you to add events to your calendar with just one click.
  • A helpful Chrome plugin makes it simple to add connections with just one click when browsing LinkedIn.
  • To make data-driven decisions, you may even add numerous LinkedIn accounts to your dashboard and export all of their data.
  • Additionally, if you collaborate with others, you can build a shared dashboard that has a configurable URL.
  • Track the effects of LinkedIn on your sales team using 20+ useful KPIs, and concentrate on warmer leads.
  • Alternatives to: Tableau and Outreach
  • To make the process of following up easier, evaluate the emotion of each communication in your LinkedIn inbox.
  • Those who desire data-driven insights from LinkedIn should be SaaS business owners, marketers, and sales managers.
  • Integrations between Sales Navigator and LinkedIn
  • Integration with Pabbly, Zapier, and every other IaaS that offers webhooks
  • Link LinkedIn inboxes to your application.
  • A/B testing depending on sales and interest
  • Gamify the performance of your team.
  • Chrome add-on
  • 20+ intent-based KPIs to evaluate as they change in real-time.
  • Task management with the capacity to schedule meetings
  • Investigate specific dashboards
  • Customizable shared URLs for dashboard viewing in a browser
  • Dashboard data export to CSV

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