Agencyjoy is a customer relationship management system that is simple to use and gives you the ability to store, manage, and turn fresh leads into loyal clients. With this tool you are able to easily build, design, and embed forms directly on your website, making it a breeze to collect leads for your company.

You have the ability to personalize the forms in terms of their colours, font size, and theme, to ensure that it accurately represents your brand. Do you wish you had more say over the way things look? Using custom CSS, you’ll have the ability to adjust the appearance of any individual component of the form.

Agencyjoy Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • You’ll have access to all the information you require at the tip of your fingers thanks to the analytics data that these lead forms provide on respondents, submissions, and conversion rates.
  • You’ll be able to construct email sequences, which will let you “warm up” your sales prospects and move them through your sales pipeline.
  • You can enrol numerous leads in a particular email sequence, and the emails will be automatically sent from your inbox based on the timetable you choose
  • In order to further optimize your results, you will even have the ability to tailor your emails and analyze the analytics for open rates and reply rates
  • You will also have access to Joy Assist, an artificial intelligence email helper that can automatically compose emails and templates for you to use. This functionality is made available to you through this tool.
  • Right from the dashboard of your account, you will have access to a comprehensive picture of tracked emails, opportunities at various levels, and contextual data
  • You are able to simply alter the sales pipeline default to meet your particular approach, which will allow you to make this place your own
  • Evaluate potential customers using a Kanban board or a dashboard designed in the style of a list view, and then categorize them according to the stages of your sales pipeline
  • You will then be sent to an in-depth account of each lead, where you will have access to their contact information as well as their actions and any notes associated with them.
  • You are able to connect activities from your Outlook Mail, Outlook Calendar, Gmail, or Google Calendar because this tool provides synchronization in both directions with emails and calendars
  • You may also add calendars directly to your website, which will allow customers to reserve a time slot and receive meeting invite details directly from your site
  • You are also able to connect to over 5,000 third-party applications, such as Spreadsheets, Meta Ad Manager, and ClickUp, all thanks to the connectivity provided by Zapier.
AgencyJoy Appsumo Price
AgencyJoy Appsumo Price


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