Using Cloudmattr, you can now centralize your marketing campaigns and align user expectations. Furthermore, you can easily define areas of focus for both short-term and long-term business goals!

Boost your business growth with Cloudmattr by gathering, tracking, and organizing all your customer requests, roadmaps, and documentations.

Cloudmattr Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Improve your business by collecting, managing, and organizing all customer requests, roadmaps, and documentation in one place.
  • This tool can segment and onboard users and guide them to increase conversions through behavior-driven campaigns.
  • It’s best to automate and personalize your messages the right time to increase your conversion rate.
  • It makes it easy for you to collect feedback from people externally and internally with its public and private boards
  • It provides a product roadmap that helps prioritize feedback and improve product development.
  • By using Knowledge Bases, you can quickly create product guides, employee guides, API documents, and much more. Build to be simple yet powerful, Knowledge Bases are perfect for most users
  • The tool can be used by both customers and employees.
  • It helps you to increase conversions by creating time-sensitive, tailored, and hyper-relevant email communications
  • You can also manage email deliverability with your own SMTP account. This means fewer delivery issues
  • It helps you build the product you need – and your users will love it!
  • 1000 tracked users
  • 10000 emails per month
  •  Unlimited roadmaps
  •  Unlimited active campaign
  •  Connect your SES account
  •  Unlimited board
  •  Unlimited changelog
  •  Unlimited knowledge base

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