1break is a cloud-based live streaming platform, so you don’t have to hammer your PC to death. Streaming live videos on social media is becoming increasingly popular. The power of live streaming enables brand awareness to spread efficiently. However, live streaming can be tricky because not all platforms are compatible and the more functional platforms are always very pricey.

1break Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • A collaborative live streaming platform that gives you all the streaming features you need and more!
  • It is the perfect platform for marketers, gamers, vloggers, filmmakers, or just anyone who wants to showcase their skills and talent.
  • An easy-to-use and elegant virtual studio
  • It is a live streaming studio with all the tools you need to produce interactive sessions with your audience anywhere and anytime.
  • From one virtual studio, you’ll be able to control chats, list attendees, and monitor stream destinations.
  • Organized Social Media Destinations
  • Stream your live events on your social media pages.  No need to open multiple tabs anymore. Simply add your pages and go live!
  • You can save time and energy by favoriting destinations you interact with often
  • Brand your Stream with top-notch event handling features & additional elements
  • Now you can organize all your stream activities on a single tab, no matter whether you’re hosting the stream, you’re an invited guest, or are participating as a participant.
  • Streaming content has never been easier – with elements such as customizable backgrounds, logos, sponsors, captions, chat display, and overlays.
  • That’s it! A truly advanced streaming platform that makes it easy to stream live at an affordable price!
  • 1 Channel
  • 2 Multistream Destination
  • 4 Participants/Guest
  • No Full HD
  • 10 GB Storage (both recording/uploaded videos)
  •  Youtube Destination/Channel
  • Screen sharing
  •  No Streaming Limits
  • Facebook Groups Destination/Channel
  • Banners
  • Custom RTMP (Zoom, OBS, XSplit)
  • Brand Colors
  • Facebook Profile Destination/Channel
  • On-screen comments
  • Brand Logo
  • Facebook Page Destination/Channel
  • Pre-recorded Videos
  • Storage Integration
  • Live Scheduling

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