Cloudimage smartly resizes images to make your website load faster, no matter what the device or browser is.  It also Boosts page speeds and SEO rankings with effortless image resizing, optimization, and CDN delivery.

The Cloudimage is an enterprise-grade Image CDN is helping dozens of large global companies worldwide in real estate, e-commerce, media and more with building large and image-heavy, yet rocket fast web and mobile applications.

**How does Cloudimage work?**
Whether you are running an existing website or planning to build a new one, Cloudimage’s will be implemented in minutes.
It works like this:
1. We download a copy of your original image and cache it on our resizing infrastructure
2. Apply resizing and transformations on-the-fly
3. Compress the pictures with the latest image compression algorithms (WebP) as well as AI-based proprietary algorithms
4. DeliverPlace them through on the global Image CDN to your end-users rocket fast network
Piece of cake!
There are no limits on the number of images or transformations per image you perform. We only count the Image Cache required to cache your pictures and CDN traffic which is generated by delivering the images.
Also, you are saving on your CDN bills by optimizing the images and always loading the lightest version of it to the end-user.

There are multiple ways to implement Cloudimage :
1. Directly into your website by adapting your image URLs
2. With JavaScript plugins
3. With WordPress plugin
4. Migrating from a different Image CDN
You do not need to store your images with us, the service can be integrated with any storage service.
We just raised the bar!
Join us in shaping the new era of a digital (and fast!) user experiences!
Find out the Public Roadmap here

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Cloudimage lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Optimize your site’s images to improve page speeds, SEO rankings, and customer experiences with WordPress and JavaScript plugins.
  • Alternative to: Cloudinary
  • Protect images with colorization, enhancements, and watermarks, plus add tags and custom text to keep track of your pictures.
  • Best for: Ecommerce websites and UX designers  who are looking to improve page speed and increase visitor session duration of their website.
  • Cloudimage optimizes images to improve page load speeds without sacrificing quality!
  • Removes unnecessary metadata, resizes large images, uses lazy loading to save bandwidth, and more.
  • Progressive loading and have your images only appear when visitors scroll, boosting page speed and improving customer experience and SEO.
  • Fully responsive images based on the visitor’s screen size.
  • Multiple domains allowed on one account.
  • Open source plugins expand your image optimization power.
  • Colorize and enhance your images, or also keep your original images protected by applying a dynamic or static watermark.
  • Change image parameters right in the URL for fast resizing, cropping, filtering and more.
  • Change your image URLs to enjoy optimized, faster images instantly!
  • 40 GB Monthly image cache.
  • 100 GB Monthly traffic.
  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited transformations
  • Unlimited images
  • Dashboards and reporting
  • Delivery aliases
  • Origin URL whitelisting
  • Watermarking
  • CDN invalidation
  • Image compression
  • Modern image formats (WebP, JPEG 2000, …)
  • All image transformations
  • WordPress plugin
  • Responsive images plugin
  • Custom CNAME and SSL certificate
  • URL signature
  • 99.9% SLA

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