Closely is a cloud-based lead engagement platform for LinkedIn and e – mail outreach that includes an integrated B2B contact details database, an email verification tool, and a Linkedin CRM. From the same dashboard, you can monitor your Linkedin discussions, segment your audience, and launch Linkedin / Email campaigns.

This tool supports personalized sending schedules, Time lapses, and Variables used in the subject line and text. import entire paragraphs from personalization tools such as quick lines and insert them into the email body, tracking opens and clicks using your own domain. You can launch automated Linkedin campaigns to expand your network or nurture existing relationships. Import potential leads from the following sources:

This tool allows you to launch email campaigns in three simple steps:

  • Sign in with your Gmail or Outlook account.
  • Import your audience and assign variables to them.
  • Create your sequence and launch your campaign.

Closely Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Contacts from our 100M+ contact database, including Linkedin profile URLs, emails, phone numbers, and socials, can be exported.
  • Export once and use the same file to launch Linkedin campaigns and email campaigns!
  • Verify your Lead Finder exports to ensure the highest deliverability rate possible.
  • LinkedIn automation in the cloud with a dedicated proxy (included)
  • To send outbound email sequences, integrate with Outlook and Gmail.
  • Using a unified inbox and conversation tagging, you can organise your sales funnel.
  • Display email addresses for use with third-party tools of your choice.
  • Monthly lead finder credits of 150
  • With free email verification, you can gain access to over 130 million B2B contacts
  • Contacts can be exported directly from a prospect’s LinkedIn profile
  • LinkedIn network: keep track of your current LinkedIn connections
  • LinkedIn network: how to organise and export your connection
  • LinkedIn inbox:  Monitors, manages and tags your LinkedIn conversation
  • LinkedIn inbox: get more contact information from the conversation screen
  • Stack There is one more code
  • 3000 monthly explorer credit
  • 1 seat for LinkedIn automation + 1 seat for email
  • Import an audience from a group, an event, or users who interact with a specific post
  • Analytics and reporting for the campaign
  • Templates and variables built-in
  • Connect your Gmail and Outlook email accounts
  • In the subject line and messages, use custom variables
  • Performance analytics and customised email sequence
  • Tracking domains that are unique to you
  • There are no sending restrictions (Gmail and Outlook limits apply
  • Each additional code grants 1500 extra explorer credits per month
  • Each pair of codes grants access to one additional LinkedIn automation seat and one additional email seat.

Closely Price

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