Digital First AI is a technology that develops effective marketing approaches based on your objectives and allows you to incorporate them into unique funnels to increase growth.

This tool makes a bold, visual statement about your brand as you type in answers, which you can even screenshot and save as an elevator pitch. To learn about your goals and identify approaches that make sense for you, a straightforward onboarding form asks questions about your business kind, target audience, and product.

Digital First AI Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • The application will develop bespoke digital funnels with recommended methods when you share your existing channels and income model.
  • Start implementing those first strategies right away, and return to the tool as your company grows—this tool will always have smart new suggestions.
  • You’ll get step-by-step directions on how to implement each strategy, as well as information on the difficulty level, budget, and business impact.
  • You may also add methods from the library of hundreds of cross-platform marketing concepts, which you can filter by category, to personalize your funnels.
  • Experiment with several strategies to determine which ones work best for you. Everything from presenting your business to new channels to targeting new markets is possible!
  • After you’ve created your technique funnels, use AI to create smart, compelling content for your websites, landing pages, banners, social advertisements, and emails.
  •  Algorithms will generate copy for your postings across platforms automatically.
  • That means you can start marketing your company in minutes, not weeks, to get your new projects off to a fast start, regardless of the platform they’re on.
  • Once you’ve decided which strategies to deploy, you may construct flows to link them together and correlate their actions as customers interact with your marketing activities.
  • Send funnels to your entire team via email so that they can all see and manage them. You’ll also get updates whenever the flow changes
  • If you’re a marketer, you can also utilize the tool to generate specific approaches for your chosen digital platforms, which you can then incorporate into your flows.
  • Plus, gain access to and use growth hacking strategies that have been evaluated by the team and have been shown to increase your company’s success.
  • Answer a few short questions about your company and you’ll get marketing strategies that are tailored to your objectives right away.
  • Funnelytics is a good alternative.
  • Fill your campaigns with AI-generated content after optimizing your strategy with configurable user funnels that connect your techniques.
  • Best for: Entrepreneurs and startups seeking for a clever, low-cost solution to develop and execute marketing strategies.
  • Make a funnel flow
  • Access to a library of tactics
  • Sharing a funnel
  • Business planning and canvasses over the internet
  • Make your own strategies.
  • Profiles of growth hackers

Digital First AI Appsumo Price

Digital First AI Price

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