Auditzy is the popular solution for professionals since it provides automated website speed monitoring with rapid testing, reporting, alerts, and competitor analysis across 5000+ personas. You may experience the power of expert website performance management. Its simple design, extensive feature set, and automation make it easy to keep your website running smoothly and efficiently.

All on one platform, you’ll be able to monitor and analyze the performance of each page, track user engagement, and optimize your website for mobile. This tool will assist you in going beyond the fundamentals and improving the performance of your website.
With this tool, you can say goodbye to slow page load times and website abandonment. Monitor your performance, keep track of your competition, and maximize the potential of your website. Learn how to improve your website to increase traffic, conversions, and revenues.

Auditzy Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • It is an automated website performance monitoring solution that provides rapid testing, reporting, alerting, and competition analysis for 5000+ visitor personas to guarantee your website is running at peak performance. The simple interface, strong capabilities, and automation make it simple to control the performance of your website.
  • GT Metrix, Calibreapp, and Speedcurve are examples of similar applications.
  • Intuitive UI & UX, simple platform, and high stability.
  • The best website performance management solution for solopreneurs, freelancers, SMEs, agencies, digital marketers, IT professionals, and those looking for the best website performance management solution.
  • Synthetically monitor 5000+ website visitor personas in both development and production environments to better understand the User Experience as defined by Lighthouse Metrics.
  • It audits and monitors website performance in both mobile and desktop modes for 40+ devices, 10+ networks, and 12+ global locations for every web page.
  • URL detection utilizing Sitemap for any domain to eliminate the need for manual URL addition. You can also set up audits to monitor websites on an hourly, daily, and weekly basis.
  • You can obtain all website technology insights with Auditzy’s advanced technology search tool. You may also look at the tech stacks of your direct competitors and other popular websites to see what technologies they are using and how they are leveraging the technology.
  • It integrates with GitHub for version control and Vercel/Netify for front-end atomic deployment. It will also release its CLI in the future to catch a broader range of CI/CD processes
  • It also has a Scheduling feature that allows organizations to continuously check website performance on an hourly, daily, and weekly basis without the need for any user intervention
  • Instantly generate Core Web Vitals based on the CrUX (Chrome User Experience) data collection. Passing Core Web Vitals also boosts web page SEO ranking
  • It delivers atomic-level competitor analysis for both lab data and historical CrUX (Chrome User Experience)
  • Businesses can use the team feature to invite several team members to one team so that they can work together seamlessly. It is one of the best use cases for software organizations since it allows them to build several teams for different clients and invite different stakeholders to separate teams to monitor website performance
  • It offers its customers a white-label reporting capability, allowing them to include their logo in our reports and distribute them to clients or for internal communication inside the firm.
auditzy pitchground pricing
auditzy pitchground pricing
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auditzy regular pricing



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