LastingSales is a lead management platform that integrates Facebook, web forms, internet contacts, and phone conversations with its comprehensive follow-up mechanism to simplify the sales process. With dynamic data fields and customisable funnels and stages, it helps sales reps close prospects three times faster. It also offers a desktop portal and a mobile app. It is the ultimate lead management tool for sales teams, making managing leads a snap. It streamlines the sales process by providing a unified platform for aggregating and managing leads from Facebook, websites, forms, and sales calls. It also enables the sales agent to create Notes and Follow Ups on prospects, allowing them to close them three times faster.

Furthermore, it includes all of the features you need to maximize your leads, such as seamless Facebook Lead Ads integration, lead assignment to sales representatives, simple CSV lead import, dynamic web forms, flexible data fields, customizable sales pipelines, and more.

LastingSales Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Intuitive UI & UX, simple platform, and high stability.
  • Ideal for Solopreneurs, Freelancers, SMEs, and Agencies looking to handle leads and automate the sales process.
  • It  streamlines the process by centralizing all leads in one location, allowing sales reps to track and manage them from a single platform. Leads are managed for the Sales team via Facebook, Website, Web Forms (WhatsApp & SMS), and Sales Calls
  • It simplifies the process of obtaining leads from Facebook Lead Generation Ads.
  • This tool automatically imports leads created by Facebook Lead Ads into the platform rather than manually downloading and distributing Spreadsheets containing leads
  • This tool also facilitates lead assignment to sales professionals by picking leads from a dropdown list and allocating them to the sales representative
  • This process can be completed in seconds using a desktop or mobile app, with immediate notifications provided to the allocated sales representatives.
  • It reduces the bother of manual distribution and allows your team to focus on nurturing leads and closing business by automating lead assignment
  • The Follow-up Mechanism in this tool is intended to assist sales teams in properly managing and tracking lead follow-ups
  • Sales personnel may simply create reminders for follow-up tasks, such as phone calls, emails, or meetings, using built-in scheduling system.
  • When a follow-up is due, the platform automatically sends a notification, ensuring that no opportunities are missed
  • The customizable data fields enable users to customise their lead management system to their specific business demands and industry requirements
  • This feature streamlines data organization, making it easier for sales reps to obtain and use critical information while communicating with leads
  • Customizable Data Fields can include everything from the source of the lead to product preferences, budget, or other industry-specific characteristics, providing a more tailored approach to lead handling
  • The capacity to establish several pipelines for different projects, each with specific sales phases based on product demand, is a major element of sales pipelines and workflows. Sales representatives may simply track deal development and understand which stage each offer is in at any given time
  • This increases visibility and openness, allowing sales teams to improve procedures and focus on the most promising leads. Sales reps can use this functionality to better manage their sales funnel and boost their chances of closing more deals.
LastingSales Pitchground Price
LastingSales Pitchground Price
LastingSales Regular Pricing
LastingSales Regular Pricing

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