is a cryptocurrency trading platform that helps you increase your portfolio with signal groups, trade managers, and investment bots. This tool allows you to safely trade through your favorite crypto exchange using smart trading, investment bots, signal groups, and trade management.

Collaborate with bitcoin specialists who will offer their most profitable ideas, allowing you to make informed investment decisions. And with three different types of bots on your side, you may spend less time analyzing charts and more time earning money. Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Getting started with cryptocurrency has never been easier. Simply link an exchange, establish your investment allocation, and select an investment strategy.
  • It handles everything, including setting price objectives, sizing your position, investing, and tracking prices, as well as defining DCA entries.
  • Auto-stop allows you to control risks on your trades. The platform identifies when your buy orders are executed and can track a stop-loss order.
  • You can build three types of bots to help you watch the market and automate trades—no coding skills are required!
  • Set the parameters on your Notify bot to receive notifications whenever it detects an opportunity to create a new smart trade.
  • If you’re too busy to make trades on your own, utilize the Invest bot to enter and exit positions depending on custom criteria.
  • The Social Trading Marketplace connects you to like-minded communities and trade managers who can help you develop your portfolio.
  • These communities, known as signal groups, divulge their specific techniques, which you can emulate. You only need to decide how much you are willing to risk.
  • Investors can interact with trade managers, who evaluate, invest, and manage their positions on their behalf.
  • It provides access to everything you need to expand your portfolio, including investment bots and trade managers.
  • Signal groups, trade management, and investing bots can help you grow your assets while keeping your funds safe.
  • Connect to your chosen cryptocurrency exchange, establish a new position, and create automation—it’s that simple. appsumo price appsumo price regular pricing regular pricing

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