SquidHub is to Collaborate effectively with an all-in-one project management tool. SquidHub is a project management and collaboration platform that displays all your team’s tasks, files, and messages on a single page.

SquidHub Lifetime Deal Features Overview : 

  • See all messages, files, and tasks related to each project in a single screen.
  • Search for anything you need quickly, without even using your mouse.
  • Plug and play: don’t waste time with installations, configurations, and integrations.
  • SquidHub displays an instant overview of everything.
  • Super easy to find whatever you need.
  • Message Board for your team to discuss the project, making it faster and simpler to answer questions and make decisions.
  • Direct messaging and video calls that run directly in your browser.
  • Sorting tasks into categories, by the deadline, or in alphabetical order.
  • Calendar view whenever you want to scope out what’s happening across all of your groups.
  • It acts as a central hub for all of your files.
  • Share links to websites and create new Google Docs and Sheets.
  • Unlimited groups.
  • Unlimited storage.
  • Unlimited search.
  • Copy groups.
  • Organizational view.
  • Permission control.
  • Disable message board

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