Get direct customer feedback and increase engagement with real-time updates. Announcefly is a platform that helps you manage feature requests, get customer feedback, and keep everyone up-to-date.

Announcefly Deal Features Overview:

  • Keep customers updated about changes to your product or service.
  • Increase customer and stakeholder engagement by having meaningful conversations about new ideas.
  • Make better product and service updates based on direct feedback from customers.
  • Solicit feedback throughout the product lifecycle.
  • Customers and stakeholders can easily make suggestions.
  • Customers can make suggestions that your team can view and prioritize.
  • Start having meaningful conversations.
  • Organize suggestions while also keeping customers, team members, and stakeholders in the loop about a product, service, and feature launches.
  • Let customers and stakeholders know which features are up for consideration.
  • Keep your customers engaged and in the loop with an embeddable changelog widget.
  • Easily navigate to other rooms and add new topics.
  • Keep track of ideas and updates from the Annoouncefly dashboard.
  • Customize each room to your liking.
  • Embed the roadmap on your website, app, or SaaS dashboard.
  • Make Announcefly your own with customization options.

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