ActiveCollab is a complete project management application with a highly user-friendly interface for staying organized and managing projects on time.

ActiveCollab Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Manage and track unlimited projects in Kanban, Gantt, or list view.
  • Alternative to: ClickUp, Asana, Monday
  • Manage time tracking and out-of-office requests with ease.
  • Best for: Digital media agencies and software developers who have to manage many clients, teams, or projects simultaneously
  • It’s time for your team to stop losing track of project tasks, files, due dates, or conversations
  • It is possible to divide projects into actionable tasks, assign due dates, and attach files to ensure that team members can complete the job as scheduled
  • Track the progress of team members by assigning tasks directly to each team member.
  • Your project needs to be broken down into tasks and subtasks while adding due dates, assignees, and files.
  • You can group tasks by phases of the project, such as discovery and ideate, or group based on the type of projects, such as admin or marketing
  • Using labels, you can add details to each task—assigned, in progress, blocked, completed, approved, and so on
  • With the search feature and the ability to modify search criteria, finding specific tasks on the platform is simple.
  • Depending on your preferences, you may view tasks on this tool in any manner you like.
  • Choose either a Kanban view for columns, a Gantt timeline view, or a List view for your task lists—allowing everyone to understand what they need to work on and when.
  • No matter what way you prefer to work, Kanban, Gantt, or list view will provide you with the insights you need!
  • This tool lets you and your team track hours spent on your projects all in one place thanks to an integrated Stopwatch
  • So your clients will understand how many hours they need to pay, and you’ll know where inefficiencies occur in your processes and how to improve them!
  • With the Stopwatch feature, you can easily track the time you spend on projects
  • Reports allow a better understanding of your team’s workload and give critical insights into activities
  • Keeping track of how long employees take off for vacation or sick leave won’t require additional spreadsheets or apps
  • Instead, manage availability records for everyone on the same platform to make it easy to see when people are available.
  • Create availability records to show when you’re on vacation or taking a day off.
  • It makes it easy to organize your team, manage projects, and stay tagged with a comprehensive, simple platform
  • You can complete more projects with fewer roadblocks because your team will become more efficient.
  • Task dependencies
  • Recurring tasks
  • Desktop and mobile app
  • Email integration
  • Client management
  • Stopwatch time tracking
  • Reports
  • Zapier integration
  • Webhooks
  • Pro plan storage (100 GB)

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