AgencyEasy is a white-label digital marketing platform that assists agencies in automating client reports and streamlining data retrieval processes. This tool consolidates your SEO data on a single dashboard that breaks down your site’s traffic, rankings, and conversions, concentrating on only the most important data points so that they are simple to comprehend.

Multiple SEO tools, including Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and social media platforms, can be integrated. In addition, you can manage multiple projects simultaneously and monitor Search Engine Rankings for various keywords for each URL, including localization options.

AgencyEasy Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • You can monitor your paid and organic marketing channels and view all of your metrics, such as cost, conversions, impressions, and interactions, in a single location.
  • You can integrate all of your social and advertising platforms, including Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
  • The platform also allows you to view your data across multiple timeframes, ranging from a single day to an entire year, to identify trends over time.
  • Using the block-based report builder, you can simply generate custom reports containing the desired data from each channel.
  • You will be able to include custom commentary and content sections to guide clients through the report and provide your own insights.
  • You can email PDF reports to clients directly from the platform with the press of a button; no attachments are required!
  • Even better, you can schedule the delivery of reports so that data is consistently delivered and everyone is in sync
  • It supports complete white-labelling, including CNAME, allowing you to use the application on your own domain
  • You can customize the platform with your logo and brand colours to make it consistent with your brand and feel like an internal tool
  • In addition, you can send white-label emails from your domain, allowing you to have a distinct email address for your campaigns
  • It is also simple to submit branded reports by uploading company, campaign, and cover page logos.
  • Automate the delivery of the white-label, client-facing report
  • Integrate information from multiple digital marketing channels into a single, intuitive dashboard.
Agencyeasy Appsumo Price
Agencyeasy Appsumo Price
AgencyEasy Regular Pricing
AgencyEasy Regular Pricing

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