A comprehensive tool to track SaaS trials and drive conversions. OnboardFlow extensively monitors SaaS trials and lets you send targeted emails to increase conversions.

OnboardFlow Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Automatically monitor your SaaS trials to easily see how clients are engaging with your product.
  • Track conversion rates and product usage over time.
  • Create segmented onboarding emails to maximize conversions.
  • Highly-accurate data on your trials.
  • define which key events and metrics you want to track.
  • Get an inside look at user activity and engagement!
  • See new trials, active trials, and conversion rates.
  • See comparisons between existing averages.
  • The Dashboard shows you sharp visualizations of important metrics for an informative overview.
  • Get a bird’s-eye view on where your trials are in the conversion process.
  • Track the exact point in the trial process where customers have decided to upgrade.
  • Track individual customers across the trial process based on customizable metrics!
  • Transform all of this information and insight data into hyper-targeted messaging.
  • Easily create triggers for segmented, automated emails.
  • Send automated messages based on unique criteria specific to your product!
  • 500 Active Trials (Per Site).
  • 1 Year Data History

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