ZesleCP is installed with a single command. It includes pre-installed and configured packages such as Apache/Nginx/LiteSpeed, PHP, MySQL database server, Email servers with auto-configured SPF/MX/DKIM records, FTP server, One-click WordPress App, and many more useful packages.

It includes a multi-account system and a hosting package option, allowing you to manage your user accounts according to your business needs. Its fully featured REST API and WHMCS integration make it simple to integrate with your preferred billing management system.

ZesleCP Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • It also integrates with WHMCS to manage the entire billing process and has a Rest API to integrate with any other billing platform.
  • It also provides White Labels to hosting companies, allowing them to use this tool as their own branded control panel.
  • Get all of the common packages and services up and running right away with a best-in-class GUI interface.
  • Create and launch Control Panel accounts for your resellers and direct customers.
  • Make hosting plans for your customers. Limit the services you want to offer while maintaining complete control.
  • Using our GUI interface, you can add and manage your website domains, sub-domains, and parked domains with a single click.
  • Create and manage databases and users with ease. MySQL Wizard and phpMyAdmin can be used to manage user roles and privileges.
  • With pre-configured DKIM, SPF, and TXT records, you can easily create email accounts for each website. Configure the alias, forwarding, and auto-reply text.
  • Create an unlimited number of FTP accounts with the option of granting access to specific directories.
  • Use our simple Firewall Manager interface to manage all aspects of server security. With a single click, you can enable, disable, or restrict any service or port.
  • In less than 5 minutes, you can install and configure your favourite application, WordPress.
  • Keep track of your SSH keys. Directly from your dashboard, you can generate or revoke.ppk and.pem keys.
  • You can install your preferred SSL certificates. Certificates can be renewed and revoked. FREE Let’s Encrypt SSL is included with a single click.
  • Take advantage of a new, fully featured file manager to easily perform all file system-related tasks.
  • Cron jobs are always difficult to manage. With our GUI Cron Manager, you can easily schedule tasks and commands.
  • Create backups securely, manage and transfer website files and database backups, and more
  • Multiple IP addresses, a process manager, a root file system manager, a log viewer, and much more.
ZesleCP Reguar Pricing
ZesleCP Reguar Pricing
Zesle Dealmirror Price
Zesle Dealmirror Price

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