LinkedIn offers targeting data that you can collect from ZeroIn in order to verify the emails you use for your outreach campaigns. Accurate LinkedIn prospecting for collecting business emails and account information Get high-quality leads from LinkedIn by finding and verifying business emails and contact information. ContactOut is an alternative to ContactOut.

ZeroIn Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Compile and update business information in bulk, as well as create separate email campaigns for segmented outreach
  • Best for Growth hackers and sales reps who want to utilize LinkedIn data effectively for prospecting potential clients.
  • Getting great prospects on your lists will be easy with ZeroIn.
  • You will receive verified business e-mail addresses and 26 other data points including phone numbers, country of business, and job title.
  • ZeroIn can find the information regardless of whether your LinkedIn account is free or paid, so all you need to do is select your search criteria and watch it go.
  • Collect emails, phone numbers, job titles, and 26 other data points from LinkedIn!
  • What separates ZeroIn is that it doesn’t extract emails from LinkedIn profiles themselves.
  • Chrome extension ZeroIn minimizes bouncebacks by using a five-point verification process to validate email in real-time.
  • Then you won’t be pulled down a rabbit hole because you’ve hit a faceless profile.
  • Plus, the plugin lets you know if an address is already in your database so you don’t have duplicates in your list.
  • With the Google Chrome extension, you can verify emails in real-time, even alerted to duplicate email addresses!
  • You can collect all of your data on the ZeroIn user portal, the other half of the tool.
  • You’ll be able to edit, update, move, and export data to Excel, Google Drive, CVS, or Pipedrive through a Customer Relationship Management tool.
  • The same goes for business emails and information. You can get complete data in bulk (like Costco for prospecting), or have individual emails and information extracted separately.
  • You can use the bulk extraction feature to export data to Excel, Google Drive, and more!
  • Even a solid collection of potential customers can work to your advantage with ZeroIn.
  • To verify all your business emails the same way, upload them to ZeroIn from the user portal.
  • For content or other initiatives, you can even extract company data without verifying email addresses.
  • Verify your leads by uploading your own!
  • You can stack up to 3 codes.
  • Upload existing email lists.
  • Unused credits rolling into next month.
  • Email & chat support.
  • Business email finder.
  • Supports LinkedIn basic and premium.
  • 26 data points on accounts and contacts.
  • No daily limits.
  • Free data extraction (except email).
  • List management.
  • Export template compatible with Pipedrive.
  • 1 user.
  • 3,000 email verification credits per month (leads).
  • 1,000 re-verify email credits per month (imported leads).

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