Zebracat is a platform that converts text prompts into marketing movies using AI images, bespoke cinematography, and compelling soundtrack. Zebracat’s AI can transform text prompts into engaging films complete with text effects, skilled editing, and lifelike AI voices.

Browse stock footage, add your own footage, or use AI-generated visuals. Add video effects, music, sound effects, and more to complement your brand. You can also use blogs to create movies and clips for social media to promote your content across all marketing channels.

Zebracat Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Copy and paste the URL into the box, then select the format, style, and length
  • Share your videos on social media to boost reach, traffic, and money\
  • Zebracat allows you to use human-like AI voices to record videos in styles that appeal to your intended audience
  • Choose from hundreds of AI voices in 20 languages and different dialects
  • Engage your audience with professional AI voice overs for a fraction of the cost
  • With a few clicks, you can simply clip, merge, and edit any component of your video, including footage, music, and effects
  • Change the music to reflect a different mood or genre
  • Adjust the text style and on-screen effects until your video is ready to go live
  • Text prompts and blogs may be turned into high-impact marketing films complete with music, AI voiceovers, and on-screen effects.
zebracat regular pricing
zebracat regular pricing
zebracat appsumo price
zebracat appsumo price

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