Yabbu is a meeting communication tool that allows participants to process all the agendas asynchronously, reducing the number of live meetings. The only thing worse than a boring meeting is having to summarize it in your meeting minutes.

With this tool, you can deal with your agenda items before the meetings, saving time and preventing hours of video fatigue. You can also send an action-oriented agenda by using simple steps. It also fosters team collaboration and encourages a diversity of perspectives. You will not be losing track of anyone’s idea.

Usually, the deal costs 9.99 Euro per month, but with this lifetime deal, you get it 49$.

Yabbu Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Plan your interactive schedule in a detailed way in advance to save your team’s time.
  • It lets you automatically save all meeting-related data in one place.
  • You can access all the pre-meeting communication, documents, tasks, decisions, and auto-generated minutes.
  • You can also keep everyone on your team on the same page without dealing with time-consuming administrative hassles.
  • It ensures that all practical, informative, and administrative matters are already closed before the meeting starts.
  • Create accountability by assigning tasks to team members
  • Before the meeting, ensuring that everyone knows their role once it takes place.
  • You can also set the roles for meeting admin, reading teams, and participators.
  • Once the meeting closes, the settings also disappear into the closed meetings section.
  • You can also have important communications anywhere and anytime.
  • Collect all your information in your own time.
  • It gives you everything you need to manage concise and productive meetings so that you can say goodbyes to hours of wasted company time.
  • You can also discuss all the points in writing.
  • Agenda | drag & drop
  • Comments & replies
  • Closing agenda items
  • Tasks & decisions
  • Attachments
  • Meeting labels
  • Document preview
  • Calendar integration
  • Timeboxing
  • Autosave
  • Unread system
  • Free participants
  • Multi-author
  • Team functionality
  • Copy agenda
  • Export PDF minutes
  • Free mobile app

Yabbu Appsumo Price

Yabbu Price

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