Xembly is an AI executive assistant that can manage scheduling, take meeting notes, and store all of your work for maximum productivity. Scheduling a meeting with this tool is as simple as sending an email. Simply contact the built-in AI assistant over Slack with your chosen meeting duration, topic, and best time range.

Your AI helper, Xena, will then compare calendars, find the ideal time, and even offer solutions to settle potential meeting conflicts. You can email Xena directly or CC her on an existing chain to book or reschedule meetings in an instant.

Xembly Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Based on your hectic schedule, Xena allows you to arrange time blocks for preferred meeting times
  • You may also schedule a task, receive a task reminder, and find it in your calendar to stay on track
  • And, because any unfinished activities will be immediately shifted to the next day, you can rest assured that nothing will fall through the cracks
  • Connect with third-party tools like Slack, Salesforce, Asana, and Jira for super-smooth collaboration and optimised calendars
  • Any action items will be automatically added to Jira or Salesforce and synced to your calendars at ClickUp or Notion
  • With this solution managing all of your administrative responsibilities, you’ll be able to spend more time on work that genuinely pushes the needle.
  • The executive assistant can manage schedules, take meeting notes, and automate related chores, allowing you to get more done.
xembly appsumo price
xembly appsumo price

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